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Thinking Of Selling

Thinking Of Selling

Like most industries, ours is very competitive and going through ever accelerating changes. Technological advances and the advent of the Real Estate Agents Authority Act have been big influences on how we conduct our business over recent years.

In 2008 the REAA Act brought more accountability to all individuals in the real estate business. This has had the benefit of making our industry much more professional. Mandatory continuing education mostly based on consumer protection has also increased the skill levels across the board. This, in turn, has dramatically increased real estate agents relevance in today’s market.

Now in 2017 vendors are well justified in expecting a greater  standard of service from the real estate professionals they
appoint to represent them.

In 2014 Ray White actioned the monitoring of customer’s experience from independent surveyor – per.ceptive. This was a bold step by using an independent party to collect and control this information. It began with asking vendors to rate our service. Daunting enough, then last year it was decided to include purchasers to rate our service as well. It has now been operating for over 4 years and the data collected puts us way ahead of the curve on customer satisfaction monitoring.

The system NPS (Net Promoter Score) we use has also been widely adopted by more than two-thirds of Fortune 1000
companies. NPS is not an award, it is not a concept, it is independently gathered hard data.

NPS scores can be as low as -100 where everybody is a detractor or as high as +100 where everybody is a promoter. An NPS that is positive (higher than zero) is considered to be good, and an NPS of + 50 is excellent. The average of Ray White offices nationally is 77. In 2016 calendar year our score hit an impressive 93 and we were recognised as winners in the 2017 Ray White national awards for customer experience.

Our company ethos is to provide excellent service and the creation of competition through marketing. Through the interplay of
competition our aim is to achieve the best price we can for our vendors.

We believe our customer satisfaction is a genuine point of difference. It allows a strong foundation for our reputation to be built in the eyes of our customers. We strive to provide the very best customer experience and in turn the best value for our clients.

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